Japanese green tea Matcha Arare genmaicha, MATCHA ARARE GENMAICHA, 100g

Reference 7-EPI-2408-MATCHA ARARE

Japanese green tea Matcha Arare genmaicha, MATCHA ARARE GENMAICHA, 100g


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Technical data

Weight 100 gr
Product origin made in Japan
Infusion time 1 minute
Temperature 90°C
Time of the day Evening
Place of harvest Kakegawa - Shizuoka, Japan

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Origin: Japan (Kakegawa. Shizuoka)
Net weight x bag: 100g / 3.5oz
Ingredients: Japanese Green Tea, Puffed Rice, Matcha
JAN code: 4970781351003

Genmaïcha (玄米茶) literally "brown rice tea", is a mixture of Japanese Green Tea and puffed wild rice. It thus obtains a totally unique warm flavor that is reminiscent of coffee. Genmaicha has the same virtues as green tea, because it is mainly made up of it.
Due to the addition of rice in addition to tea, the caffeine in Genmaicha is particularly low, which makes it appreciable in the evening, or for people sensitive to caffeine. The presence of puffed rice in the infusion offers a warming effect for the body, conducive to digestion and soothing for the mind.

Matcha (抹茶), meaning "finely ground tea" or "tea powder", is, as the name suggests, tea that has been ground into a powder. This type of tea is not only prepared in a special way, it also offers exceptional health benefits. Matcha offers particularly powerful medicinal properties because unlike a traditional infusion, the entire leaf is ingested with all the nutrients it contains. It has a powerful detoxifying effect on the liver.

It can still be mixed with other ingredients for cooking recipes (ice cream, cake, smoothie, etc.).

To make the most of its virtues, it is recommended to let it infuse for 2 minutes in water at 55-60°C (depending on its quality). It should be noted that beyond 2 minutes, tannins are released into the water which inhibits certain positive effects of green tea on health.

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