Organic matcha green tea powder, MATCHA

Reference 7-EPI-2408-J0083

Organic matcha green tea powder, MATCHA

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Technical data

Capacity 40 g
Product origin made in Japan
Retention Keep away from the sun

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Delicious green tea powder for a real Japanese green tea but also for creative and dazzling desserts.

Matcha (抹茶), meaning “finely ground tea” or “tea powder,” is, as its name suggests, tea that has been ground into a powder. This type of tea is not only prepared in a special way, it also offers exceptional health benefits. Matcha offers particularly powerful medicinal properties because unlike a traditional infusion, the entire leaf is ingested with all the nutrients it contains. It has a powerful detoxifying effect for the liver.

It is used for tea ceremonies or as a natural coloring in many Japanese foods such as mochi rice paste, soba noodles or to compose traditional desserts. Sprinkle it on vanilla ice cream and you will obtain an original dessert in color and taste.

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