Japanese kettles - The tradition of hot water

Discover our selection of authentic Japanese tea kettles, for a traditional and sustainable tea ceremony experience.

Long Description: Japanese tea kettles are a key part of the tea ceremony, a cultural tradition that dates back centuries. Japanese kettles are made from different materials such as ceramic, iron, cast iron, copper, and are used for the preparation of hot water for the tea ceremony.

Our selection includes Japanese tea kettles in various styles and sizes, each with its own personality and specific use for the tea ceremony. Japanese ceramic kettles are the most commonly used, as they have excellent thermal conductivity and can keep water hot for long periods of time.

Japanese iron kettles also have excellent thermal conductivity, but tend to rust if not maintained properly. Copper kettles are also highly valued for their thermal conductivity, but need regular maintenance to prevent corrosion.

Japanese tea kettles can also be adorned with traditional patterns and designs such as cherry blossoms, tea leaves, and birds, which add a touch of aesthetics and culture to the tea ceremony experience. Japanese cast iron kettles are also very popular as they are very strong and durable, they can be used for a variety of teas including green teas and dark teas and will maintain the water temperature for many years.

It is important to note that Japanese cast iron kettles require proper maintenance to maintain their appearance and performance. It is recommended that you clean them with warm water and dry them thoroughly after each use, as well as using cooking oil to protect them against rust. In short, Japanese tea kettles are an essential item for any lover of the tea ceremony. With their durability, sleek design and ability to maintain water temperature, they are a great addition to your collection or tea tasting experience. We invite you to discover our selection of authentic Japanese tea kettles for a traditional and sustainable tea ceremony experience.

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