Japanese teapots

Ceramic, Tokoname clay or cast iron, find your ideal Japanese teapot among our wide range.

Japanese teapots are renowned around the world for their beauty, functionality and rich history. Among the various categories of Japanese teapots, cast iron teapots, Tokoname clay teapots, Japanese kettles, ceramic teapots and Japanese tea sets hold a special place. Each category has unique characteristics that make them both art pieces and practical instruments for preparing and serving tea.

Japanese cast iron teapots, also known as "tetsubin", are famous for their durability and ability to hold heat. Made from cast iron, these teapots are traditionally used to prepare green tea in Japan. Cast iron allows for even heat distribution, which ensures optimal tea brewing. Cast iron teapots are often decorated with traditional designs and artistic engravings that add an aesthetic touch to their appearance.

Tokoname clay teapots. Made in Tokoname, a city located in Aichi Prefecture, these teapots are prized for their high quality clay and exceptional craftsmanship. Tokoname clay teapots are known for their ability to improve the taste of tea. The clay used in their manufacture is porous, which allows the tea to absorb the flavors and aromas. In addition, over time, these teapots develop a natural patina that adds depth and complexity to the tea.

Japanese kettles, known as "yakan", are essential instruments in the preparation of tea in Japan. Made from various materials such as cast iron, stainless steel or copper, Japanese kettles are designed to heat water to the ideal temperature for different varieties of tea. They often feature a slim spout and an ergonomic handle for easy pouring of hot water into the teapot.

Japanese ceramic teapots are also popular for their beauty and variety of styles. Made from various types of clay and fired at high temperatures, these teapots come in a variety of shapes, colors and patterns. Ceramics offer great flexibility to artisans, allowing them to create unique pieces that reflect both tradition and innovation. Ceramic teapots are often associated with Japanese tea ceremonies, where every detail, including the teapot used, is carefully selected to create a harmonious experience.

The Japanese tea set, known as "chadōgu", is a set of accessories used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Besides the teapot, the tea set includes tea bowls, bamboo spoons, bamboo whisks, trays and special rags. Each element of the tea set is carefully chosen to complement the tea tasting experience and to embody the values of Japanese aesthetics and simplicity.