Organic Sencha and Mint green tea in teabags - MINTO

Reference 10-EPI-2702-STHEVME

Organic green tea Sencha and Mint in bags - MINTO

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Technical data

Capacity 36g (18 x 2g)
Product origin made in Japan
Time of the day Afternoon Morning
Format 18 Teabags

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Sencha Green Tea, made from young tea shoots, is a true traditional gesture of daily pleasure for the Japanese, a dietary treasure from the region's orchards from Uji, a most prestigious terroir for top quality leaves. Combined with our Mint Essential Oil Crystals, it is a delight for the taste buds and very refreshing!

This true well-being ally mainly corresponds to the second harvest: the leaves are then in full health, full of sun and phytonutrients.

The most consumed tea in Japan, Sencha green tea is a well-being ally. It mainly corresponds to the second harvest. The leaves are then healthy, full of sunlight and nutrients.

This tea comes from the prestigious Uji terroir which produces the most renowned teas in Japan. It has been the subject of meticulous care from the orchard to your cup.

It is scented with our Mint Essential Oil Crystals, for a delicious and refreshing infusion, which enhances the herbaceous flavor of Uji Sencha tea. span>


Our Japanese tea bags have 100% recyclable packaging: PEFC cardboard box.

The tea is packaged in compostable double-wall teabags, made from Abaca fiber and unbleached cellulose. Cotton thread. Aromas protected by a waterproof and recyclable protective bag, without plastic: the protective overlay is made of cellulose.

This high-performance packaging ensures the conservation of tea in ideal conditions and guarantees perfectly neutral food contact.


 Sencha green tea leaves* (92%), peppermint* (5%), peppermint essential oil crystals* 3% (powder agave tequilana*, essential oil of Mentha piperita* leaf 2%). *Product from organic farming. Store cool and dry.

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