Kukicha roasted organic green tea, 80g - KUKICHA

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Kukicha organic roasted green tea, 80g - KUKICHA

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Technical data

Capacity 80g
Product origin made in Japan

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Kukicha roasted green tea can be consumed from morning to evening due to its very low theine content! A very original tea: it is roasted tea shoot twigs!

Kukicha roasted twig green tea is made from tea shoots born 3 seasons earlier: that's why it's called the “3 year tea”. This Japanese tea has a sweet and malty taste, very thirst-quenching and comforting, with woody hazelnut flavors. It can be consumed warm, hot, and even cold or iced while maintaining the same taste pleasure. Cultivated in Uji, Japan, the historic land of Japanese green tea, this Kukicha tea has been cultivated from father to son for generations: a work of craftsmanship carried out by hand to see the tea plants grow. p>

Kukicha has rich, nutty, woody and amber flavors with refreshing notes typical of Japanese teas. It is consumed from morning to evening thanks to its low theine content (<0.6%) and as an accompaniment to meals, for the whole family. Kukicha is eaten hot, warm, cold or iced and is very popular in the macrobiotic diet.

It comes from the prestigious Uji terroir which produces the most renowned teas in Japan. It has been the subject of meticulous care from the orchard to your cup. The packaging is done on site in Japan to guarantee its authenticity and freshness. This high-performance bag ensures its conservation in ideal conditions and guarantees perfectly neutral food contact.


100% Camelia sinensis roasted green tea twigs* *Product from organic farming


Twig sorting, drying, roasting.

Tasting tips

Japanese green teas are enjoyed over very short infusions: no more than 1 min. The infusions are tasted successively by infusing the same tea leaves (up to 2 to 3 times).

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