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Japanese green tea, SENCHA SUPERIOR JŌTŌ, 100g, Ujitawara, Kyoto


Japanese green tea, SENCHA SUPERIOR JŌTŌ, 100g, Ujitawara, Kyoto


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Technical data

Weight 100 gr
Product origin made in Japan
Infusion time 2 minutes
Temperature 75°C
Time of the day All the day
Place of harvest Ujitawara - Kyoto

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Origin: Japan (Ujitawara, Kyoto)

Ingredients: Japanese green tea

Sencha Superior strikes an excellent balance between quality and value. Its features include a rich and gentle taste with a refreshing and delicate aroma. The harmony is fine and generous. Sencha is harvested three or four times a year, but with each harvest, the tea's quality slightly diminishes. That's why the first harvest, or Ichiban Cha, is the best.

Sencha contains more catechins, a beneficial nutrient, compared to other green teas because it is grown in full sunlight, giving it a yellow-green color. Sencha has a slightly astringent taste and emits a wonderful freshness. As described earlier, the rich and gentle taste along with the refreshing and delicate aroma of this tea create a fine and generous harmony, offering excellent value for the price. To fully enjoy its virtues, it is recommended to let it steep for 2 minutes in water at 75°C.

The green tea from Ujitawara, a renowned region in Japan for producing high-quality teas, offers an exceptional sensory experience. This tea is cultivated under ideal conditions in the heart of the rolling hills of Uji, in the historic city of Kyoto, where the Japanese tradition of green tea began over 1,000 years ago. Today, in Japan, when high-quality green tea is mentioned, Uji comes to mind. The misty climate, sloping hills, warm days, and cool nights provide an ideal setting for the flourishing of tea plants. If you take the train to Kyoto, you will pass through many beautiful green tea plantations in Uji, where you can taste a wide variety of delicious green teas available in specialty shops and restaurants in the region.

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